Hand mudra in meditation posture
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Someone recently asked me why I don’t play music when we practise together, and also if I could cut back the philosophy content and chat a little less perhaps? I explained politely that if this is ...

Indian Buddha Statue
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This is my most favourite and often thought of quote from the Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali.

“Undisturbed calmness of mind is attained by cultivating friendliness toward the happy, compassion ...

Bhakti yoga Kirtan at Yoga Torquay
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I can hardly believe its been a whole year already. We opened our doors for the first time on 1st October 2018. Its been a challenging but fulfilling time for Alice and I.

Highlights for me have been, our massive Christmas Kirtan with Barry Elms, Duncan’s solstice workshop, and the joy of ...

Early morning dew on grass
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Hari OM! Spring is most definitely springing here at Yoga Torquay! Its been a while since our last blog, so lots of exciting news to catch up on. Alice and I have been busily working away behind the scenes through the winter and spring - making many improvements to the studio, including stocking ...

Merry Christmas for everyone at Yoga Torquay
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Seasons greetings from everyone at yoga torquay. Its been an amazing time for Alice and I: watching the classes steadily grow and getting to know the new students & teachers who’ve been visiting the studio each week. Best of all, who knew that Torquay was such a cool town? I had no idea. We love ...

James Russell outside Yoga Torquay studio
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Its been an incredibly busy and exciting time for us - painting & decorating the studio and also getting to know the surrounding area. The studio property is over 200 years old and was in serious need of some TLC when we first arrived in August. I spent the best part of 6 weeks filling cracks ...


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