Yoga for Birth - with Norah Nelson

Your body knows how to give birth!  But sometimes your brain gets in the way.  Pain can cause you to feel anxious or stressed which can cause the release of adrenalin, which in turn slows down the natural process of labour.  This workshop gives you skills which you can use to calm down, reduce anxiety, switch off thinking and focus on breathing.

  • You will learn how to assist the natural process of labour and birth using yoga.
  • You will learn practical tools including breathing, movement, relaxation and visualisations.
  • We will discuss how to refrain from negative behaviours and set positive intentions for labour.
  • We will move through the stages of labour

For each stage (early labour, active labour, transition and birth) we will talk about what is happening in the body and what you can do to facilitate this. 

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Cost: £45 early bird until 1st August / £50 full price thereafter
Payable in advance please.

The course fee includes handouts, hot drinks and some snacks. Please bring your own lunch.

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