Yin fascial yoga, Roll & Release - with Dominique Preston

Yin Fascial yoga - Roll & Release

This afternoon practice will be dedicated to slowing down, turning inward and getting grounded as we explore the benefits of the yin fascial yoga practice. 

Similar to traditional 'yin' yoga we'll be gently stretching and accessing the deeper parts of the body with soft and long held yin postures, as well as working with self myofascial release techniques to help regenerate and re hydrate the connective tissues of the body; we'll also move through some lovely spiralling, free, fluid intuitive movement to encourage the unravelling and unwinding of tension, rigidity and immobility in the muscle and fascia throughout the body. 

This will be a slow & mindful practice with the intention of staying connected to breath and body; a complete practice that will leave you feeling mentally and physically relaxed, rested and ready for the week ahead.

£30 early bird til 1st Sept. £35 full price

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