Introduction to Ayurveda - with Virginia Compton

Basics of Samkhya philosophy, specifically focusing on the Gunas and Doshas. Discussion on examples of the different energies and how they see them in daily life, to include how different foods, lifestyle choices, routines and Yoga practices and how all of this can all alter the energy balance. The Ayurvedic daily clock and yearly cycles. Autumn detox with kitchari cleanse, handout will be given. Talk about doshas and answer individual questions (also time at end of workshop for more private discussion if required.) Yoga and Pranayama practice for maintaining balance and equilibrium.  Meditation on the elements and energy body. Opportunity to purchase Ayurvedic herbs and products.

£25, £10 deposit payable on booking. If booked with morning workshop (see above) then cost of both workshops is £45 (a saving of £5)

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Virginia Compton