Curvy Girl Yoga - with Devaki

 Curvy Girl Yoga returns to Yoga Torquay!
At this workshop we have the opportunity for an extended practice, going deep, trusting our bodies & celebrating them thru' yoga. We shall also ensure there is plenty of time for individual support & questions so that you feel safe & comfortable in each asana (posture). 

We will end the afternoon with yoga nidra, conscious sleep. Time for you to let go & completely relax before returning to the world & your busy life! Open to those who already have a yoga practice as well as beginners. 

Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes & bring something to keep you warm during yoga nidra. If you have any specific needs or questions please let me know at  the beginning of our practice so that I can offer you alternatives where appropriate & look after you.

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£20 per person.
Spaces are limited so please ensure you book early. 

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